Counter-analysis is a blog written by Francesco Erspamer.

The capital mistake of the left has been to believe that politics is still about fundamental social and economic issues. Not any more. In the age of global capitalism and unchecked free-market economy a successful resistance can be organized only in the microworld of personal thoughts, feelings, and interactions. It is with these experiences that people build their identity—and such a process of identity construction is culture. Culture is one of the most ambiguous and complicated words in the English language, and a misunderstood one. I see it as the joining point of the social and the individual, in other words, culture is the device that human intelligence has developed to mediate between the psychic sphere, essentially self-centered and self-referential, and the public sphere, based on communication and the need for relationships. To gain and maintain power, neoliberals undermine culture. In this way they prevent people from becoming aware of the contradictions between their daily choices and the ideology promoted by the global corporations, their lobbies, and their media. This blog intends to contribute to the development of a counter-hegemonic discourse of ordinary life.

Francesco Erspamer is professor of Italian studies and Romance languages and literatures at Harvard University. His most recent books are La creazione del passato. Sulla modernità culturale [The Creation of the Past: On Cultural Modernity] (Sellerio) and Paura di cambiare. Crisi e critica del concetto di cultura [Fear of Change: Crisis and Criticism of the Concept of Culture] (Donzelli). His other blogs are: Inelegant thoughts (on culture and art), Il regime dei media (on media disinformation), and Soccer studies.

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